Impact pillars

Rescuing Wood, Rethinking Waste


Decarbonize the Built Environment

Connecting buyers to building materials that are net carbon sinks, not emitters.


Supply Chain Transparency

Minimizing the distance between customer and manufacturer, dramatically reducing emissions and risks.


Community Reinvestment

Funding tree planting and capacity building, powering environmental & social benefits for communities in need.

A net-negative material, Carbon Smart Wood™ presents a significant opportunity to achieve substantial emissions reductions throughout our built environment.

Impact Timeline

Witness the enduring power of Carbon Smart Wood™ over time. Our timeline showcases the remarkable, long-term benefits this will bring to the planet. Click into the future to see our commitment to groundbreaking environmental solutions.


Board feet Carbon Smart Wood™ produced

That's equivalent to

  • NaNB
    Miles driven
  • NaNB
    Home energy
  • NaNB
    Gallons of gas

Trees planted


MT C02e stored


Building with CSW Comparison Tool

Numbers that make a change.

Comparing the positive climate impact of Carbon Smart Wood™ in contrast to other materials

Carbon Smart Wood
Traditional Hardwood
Recycled Composite Decking
Medium Density Fiber
Virgin Composite Decking
Wood Waste Diverted

Carbon Smart Cities

The Philadelphia Reforestation Hub is a first-of-its kind public-private-partnership model for wood waste capture and job skills training.

Become a Carbon Smart City

Impact across the USA

Scalable Impact

We are just getting started. As our model of effective capture and upcycling of the urban forest waste stream is scaled globally, as much as 1.5 gigatonnes of carbon dioxide emissions could be reduced annually.

Trees planted
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