Carbon Smart Wood™ is locally sourced

A sustainable material that tells a story and restores our urban canopy.

Locally Salvaged

  • Carbon Smart Wood™ is salvaged from local waste streams, rather than harvested. Trees are constantly removed as a result of weather, disease, or development pressures. So much of this supply is wasted that 12 million tons of wood waste enter municipal landfills every year. Cambium Carbon works with a network of arborists & millers to divert this waste stream, upcycling it into Carbon-Smart Wood.

Locally Processed

  • A study assessing the annual greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions of the forestry industry, from seedling production to lumber processing, found that road transportation accounted for nearly 50% of the total GHG emissions. Carbon Smart Wood™ is able to avoid most of those emissions through its local process and salvage. The trees are already being shipped to a landfill, and thus redirecting their drop-off location adds no additional emissions.

Plants Local Trees

  • 15% of Carbon Smart Wood™ profits are contributed to planting and maintaining new urban trees.
  • We work intimately with local tree planting partners to support their efforts. Click to learn more
  • Recent spatial analysis highlights tree restoration as the single greatest untapped opportunity for carbon sequestration in the United States. Carbon uptake through urban reforestation alone could reach 23 MtCO2e per year by 2050. From emission avoidance to carbon sequestration, Carbon-Smart Wood™ earns its name in every step of its production.