We save trees from the landfill

Turning wood waste into valuable products that plant new trees.

Source local wood

Grow wood sales

Reduce waste and capture value

Reuse wood in sustainability initiatives

36 million

Trees fall in cities each year, more than all the salvageable wood in U.S. National Forests!

Our circular economy model is turning wood waste into new products into new trees.

The Carbon
Smart Wood™
circular model

1. When a tree falls in a city, it typically heads to the landfill.

4. The profits fund new tree plantings in communities that need them most.

The Carbon
Smart Wood™
circular model

2. We divert this wood to local millers who turn it into products.

3. Architects and furniture companies buy our unique, high quality wood products.

Join our national movement to save the trees, create green jobs, plant new trees and address climate change.



54 tons

Wood waste

132.5 tons


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Carbon Smart Wood™

  • 1 Locally salvaged and diverted from landfills to millers.
  • 2 Locally milled, creating green jobs and avoiding GHG emissions from transport.
  • 3 Locally planted trees funded by reinvestment of 15% of profits into communities that need tree cover most.

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