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Together we can give fallen trees a second chance and plant for the future

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Carbon Smart Wood™

Carbon Smart Wood™ is locally salvaged, locally milled, and reinvests in community tree planting.

Incorporate Carbon Smart Wood™ into your next project. It’s perfect for creating pieces with a story, including accent walls, tables, trim, and so much more.

More trees fall in our cities than in our national forests.
Most are wasted. We are on a mission to save the trees.

step one:

collect fallen trees

We work with local millers to source and mill fallen urban trees instead of sending them to a landfill. Waste is reduced and new jobs are created which strengthen the economy.

step two:

turn wood into goods

Milled trees can be turned into almost any wood product, such as furniture, accent pieces, and flooring.

step three:

plant new trees

Money generated from the sale of these home goods is then used to plant and maintain trees in the same local communities where the original trees fell.

Creating Resilient Cities

We work with cities to create the economic, social, and environmental case for lifecycle tree management.

  • New York City
  • Pittsburgh
  • Philadephia
  • Baltimore
  • Denver
  • Eugene
  • New Haven

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Good for people and the planet

Listening is one of Cambium Carbon’s core values. We are constantly working to meet the needs of our partners and our communities.



2.03 tons

wood waste

10.1 tons


All of Cambium’s projects satisfy the following six requirements to ensure sustainability for future generations.

Unequivocally Good

  • Carbon Negative
  • People-first
  • Financially Viable
  • Benefit & Restore Natural Systems
  • Scalable

All projects include a final component that makes them magical, impactful, worth talking about, empowering, human, and unequivocally good.