Carbon Smart Wood™

The world’s most sustainable wood.

What is Carbon Smart Wood™?

This isn’t just a material; it’s a revolution in making Carbon Smart Wood™ the new normal. We’re making the supply chain smarter, more transparent, and yes, way more beautiful.

We target wood impacted by the four Ds: disease, decay, disaster, and development. Instead of wood entering landfills, we partner with local arborists and millers to rescue and upcycle it. This process creates a carbon negative material. With Carbon Smart Wood™, we're not just changing materials; we're transforming mindsets and building for the future. Want to integrate Carbon Smart Wood™ into your business?

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From Waste to Wood


Carbon Smart Wood™ is salvaged from local waste streams, rather than harvested. Trees are constantly removed as a result of disease, decay, disaster or development and sent to overflowing landfills.


Carbon Smart Wood™, ideal for all traditional lumber uses, is a net carbon sink, emitting seven times less CO2 than wood-plastic composites. Its widespread use could cut global emissions by 4%.


Carbon Smart Wood™ sales funnel 15% of profits into urban forest stewardship, funding tree planting and benefiting communities.

Our Impact Is Your Impact

Helping Companies Make Impact

For brands committed to meeting ambitious net zero goals and ESG initiatives, Carbon Smart Wood™ offers a powerful solution.

Brands can confidently showcase a commitment to sustainability. Carbon Smart Wood™ not only assists in achieving net zero targets but also reinforces a brand's dedication to responsible sourcing and ecosystem reinvestment, making it an ideal choice for companies leading the charge in corporate environmental responsibility.

Build with Carbon Smart Wood™

The Carbon Smart Wood™ journey

01 — When a tree falls
Fallen Trees
Across the country, forgotten trees and construction debris are sent to landfill. We collaborate with local arborists and municipalities to salvage and track this usable lumber, kickstarting its journey to something bigger.
02 — Wood processing
At our sawmills we transform this overlooked wood into high-quality materials for use. Here, expertise meets hard work, making sure every piece of lumber is milled and ready for the next build.
03 — Wood refinement
We ensure every slab, board and scrap of wood is transformed into carbon-negative material ready for market. It's not only about making things; it's about making them right. This key step creates jobs, saves carbon and turns what was once waste into something useful.
04 — Carbon Smart Wood™
Built Environment
Carbon Smart Wood™ builds more than just a structure. Every piece has a story and a purpose. In homes, offices, and public spaces, it's not just about building; it's about contributing to a more efficient and greener world.
05 — giving back
New Trees
Our supply chain goes full circle with every project. We're not just saving trees; we're giving back by planting new ones. It's our promise to sustain and enrich our urban forests.

Decarbonize the Built Environment

“3.4 million board feet diverted from the waste stream, and counting.“

Understand The Impact

8 types of Carbon Smart Wood

Silky Cedar

Best for Siding, Fencing

Carbon Smart Wood™

Beyond material, a movement. Watch flaws become character.

Carbon Smart Wood™ offers a versatile range of products across five distinct lines: Decking, Siding, Fencing, Millwork, and Lumber. Within each product line, you'll find options in both Carbon Smart Wood™ and Thermally Modified Carbon Smart Wood™ categories. And to further tailor your choice, explore the rich variety of species, including Thermal Red Oak, Thermal Sycamore, Thermal Pine, and more.

Carbon Smart Wood™ can help reduce co2 emissions in

Construction / Architecture / Development / Furniture Manufacturing / Interior Design / Plywood / Cross-laminated timber

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