Saving wood to save the planet.

By revolutionizing supply chains, we introduce the world's first carbon smart material

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Cambium's technology transforms supply chains, unlocking efficiency, traceability, and connectivity in existing but underutilized systems.

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Supply chain operating system

The entire lumber supply chain, from rescue to revival, is seamlessly managed and tracked through the Traece® app, ensuring transparency and traceability. This cutting-edge technology empowers sawmills to efficiently manufacture, purchase, and sell Carbon Smart Wood™.

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Local Solutions, Global Impact

Reducing global emissions

In the US, 60 billion board feet of sawn wood products are consumed annually, a testament to the immense dependency on this resource. Cambium's vision extends beyond these borders, leading a monumental shift in the global perception and utilization of wood waste.

268 Million Trees

If 100% of sawn wood products were upcycled Carbon Smart Wood™ rather than conventionally forested material, the impact would be more than 268 Million trees.

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Targeting Fallen Lumber in The United States

From Coast to Coast: Cambium is the go-to ally for transforming unmanaged trees into sustainable assets. We collaborate with municipalities, companies, and non-profits to revolutionize the world's approach to tree management.

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A material with a name that speaks to its profound climate impact.

Pioneering scalable sustainable solutions.


Global wood demand is expected to surge 54% between 2010 and 2050, with a carbon cost exceeding aviation's annual impact.

Beautiful products built for our environment.


Over 60% of the world's population will be living in urban areas by 2030, highlighting the critical need for pioneering sustainable building transformations in our cities.

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3.5 Gigaton CO2e
/ Year

The carbon cost of forest harvests is greater than the combined annual emissions from the entire aviation industry, including all commercial flights and cargo transport worldwide.

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