track it. share it. sell it. Traece™  it

Integrated inventory management and business workflow built to streamline your sawing and mill operations.

When Your Mill Runs on Traece™, You Can:

  • Add lumber to your inventory as its milled
  • Track source trees, logs, individual slabs, and dimensional lumber
  • Access and add on-the-fly from your phone, tablet, and desktop
  • Print QR codes for quick tagging, scanning, and location-based management
  • Dive into your business with insightful dashboards and reports
  • Seamlessly connect your inventory with your website
  • Sell your wood online with integrated eCommerce technology
  • One-click to send photos and other product information to interested buyers
  • Instant pricing--set your parameters once, and get prices on all of your slabs


Your work is never done, and neither is ours. We’re constantly building and adding high-impact features to Traece™ to meet the exacting needs of our awesome clients.

About Traece™ by Cambium Carbon

Local sawyers and millers are the critical link in creating a circular economy for urban wood. Cambium Carbon has worked with urban millers to build a unique platform to track fallen trees and salvaged wood, tell their stories, and to turn these resources into beautiful products for their customers. 

Our clients love Traece™ because it allows them to spend more time focusing on the work they love. Together with our close community of crafters, we compile best practices from millers around the country to create a cohesive, user-friendly system uniquely built for you. 

Finally, when you start using Traece™, you can take advantage of Cambium Carbon’s tight-knit relationships with architects, real estate developers, manufacturers, and specifiers to increase your sales and production for the products you love and care about. By partnering, you gain access to Cambium’s network of buyers, giving you an inside track to Carbon Smart Wood™ purchasers.