​Grow Your Wood Sales with Traece™

Streamline your sawing and mill operations and grow your sales.

Building a Wood Business is Hard​

  • 1 Your sales might not be growing fast enough or are stuck at a certain level.
  • 2 You’re spending too much time on business operations, rather than doing what you love.
  • 3 You’re competing with big box stores selling wood imported from overseas.

Grow your sales by working smarter, not harder

Save Time

Access and add real-time inventory from your phone, tablet and/or desktop.

Sell More

Sell wood while you sleep and get exclusive access to larger orders through our national buyer network.

Enjoy More

Spend more time enjoying life with the ones you love rather than managing your business.

What Our Clients are Saying

The Traece™ Solution​

How It Works

1. Request a Demo

Explore how Traece™ can be put to work for you in under an hour.

2. Upload Product

Easily and quickly get your product online.

3. Sell More Wood

Access larger buyers and grow your sales.

Choose Your Membership Plan

$0 /month


  • Up to 30 slabs
  • Up to 25,000 board feet
  • 5% transaction fee
$49 /month


  • Up to 200 slabs
  • Up to 50,000 board feet
  • 5% transaction fee
$199 /month


  • Unlimited slabs
  • Unlimited board feet
  • 5% transaction fee

Our Client Partners

When Your Mill Runs on Traece™, You Can:

  • 1 Add lumber to your inventory as its milled
  • 2 Track source trees, logs, individual slabs, and dimensional lumber
  • 3 Access and add on-the-fly from your phone, tablet, and desktop
  • 4 Print QR codes for quick tagging, scanning, and location-based management
  • 5 Dive into your business with insightful dashboards and reports
  • 6 One-click to send photos and information on a slab to interested buyers
  • 7 Instant pricing–set your parameters once, and get prices on all of your slabs

The Traece™ Difference

Proven in the mill, proven in the yard.

Traece™ is the best—and last—software to run and grow your business.

Together with our urban miller and sawyer partners, we continue to build a unique platform to track fallen trees and salvaged wood, tell their stories, and to turn these resources into beautiful products for their customers.

Our clients love Traece™ because it allows them to spend more time focusing on the work they love. Together with our close community of crafters, we compile best practices from millers around the country to create a cohesive, user-friendly system uniquely built for you. 

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