Small Cheese Board


What do diamonds, seedlings, and instant noodles all have in common? They are great examples of the old idiom, “Good things come in small packages.”

We can now add this glamorous, petite cheese board to the list. Delicate walnut accents and convenient finger grips on either end make this board the star of any meal.

Wow on date night, level-up wine-for-one, or impress your kids on Taco Tuesday. Your kids may not notice, but you’ll feel great giving them a good meal AND investing in their future.
This Carbon-Smart Wood™ product by Cambium is made by local craftspeople and fuels high-impact tree planting. Our wood does good, even if your kids are too focused on scarfing down tacos to notice.

Approximate Dimensions: 9″L x 5.75″W x .75H | 8″L x 5.25″W x .75H

Please Note

In order to reduce as much waste as possible, we allow for small variations in the sizing of our products.

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