Reclaim, Reinvest, Regenerate.

We work with communities to equitably restore urban forests. We commit 15% of our profits to tree planting. Forever.

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Baltimore Tree Trust + Pigtown Community Association + Cambium Carbon

Locally salvaged wood helped to fund new tree planting in Baltimore's Pigtown neighborhood.
Increase Tree Equity + Workforce Development + Climate Resilience Reinvestment

Together, we dug new and expanded existing wells, ground old stumps, and planted 180 new trees. Affecting meaningful climate solutions starts in our communities when we work together.
Committed to Urban ForestryThe Baltimore Tree Trust and Pigtown Community Association had a refined scope for their project and understood where they could use support.

Cambium Carbon listened to these needs and supported this project, as well as several upcoming plantings.



47.5 tons

Wood waste

98.0 tons


Frequently Asked Questions

We plant trees everywhere Carbon Smart Wood™ is sold. We prioritize our plantings to support Tree Equity and climate impact.

While no two projects are identical, we’ve learned a few things from prior high-impact tree planting projects that help us find the best projects.

  • High-touch involvement from a diverse set of community stakeholders
  • A commitment to tree equity and prioritizing under-resourced communities
  • Clear articulation of tree species and site selection, with an eye on impact
  • An emphasis on co-benefits like increased shade, energy savings, and shared community spaces
  • Projects plan for future maintenance and monitoring of trees.

We work closely with our community partners and emphasize creativity, collaboration, and flexibility. Some organizations may need to prioritize project funds on equipment or staff while others have an urgent need for tree monitoring and maintenance. Together we co-create a project plan that maximizes impact and enhances the community.


Organizations also look to Cambium Carbon for guidance in navigating the certification and registration process for generating and selling carbon credits, coordinating media and content for publication, and connecting projects to local urban wood utilization efforts through the Carbon Smart Wood™ Alliance.

Our tree planting efforts are rooted in local communities across the nation. We harness the power of storytelling by finding the heart of each community project’s story and taking a creative, methodical approach to broadcast that story far and wide.


In partnership with our communities, we’re creating a flywheel of impactful and innovative forestry opportunities across the country—opportunities that put people and communities first.

Download the Towson Tables Case Study

Learn how we partnered with Towson University to create communal tables out of Carbon Smart Wood™