Carbon-Smart Corporate Consulting

Reuse wood and advance zero waste and sustainability goals.

Tree removal can be a missed sustainability opportunity.

  • 1 Tree removal and disposal is expensive and can take up time and resources.
  • 2 It can destroy natural ecosystems and contribute to climate change.
  • 3 Your sustainability goals can be undermined by wasted resources.

Build sustainability into the fabric of your next project.

Reduce Costs

Reduce raw materials costs by reusing wood from removed trees into building and furniture.

Improve Sustainability

Turn tree removal into an opportunity to reach your sustainability goals.

Communicate Impact

Quantify the carbon impact of waste diversion, tree reuse and restoration through impactful storytelling.

Our Corporate Consulting Services

  • Best Practice Guide

  • Interview key stakeholders to identify opportunities and barriers to wood reuse.

  • Coordinate with arborists, millers, and technical experts to establish a best practice roadmap to guide future wood salvage efforts.

  • Best Use assessment

  • Analyze tree removal data to assess potential end product applications.

  • Delineate clear process and specifications for tree removals, log processing, and offtake (or on-site reuse) of salvaged wood.

  • End-To-End Reuse

  • Leverage our national network of wood processors to up-cycle your fallen trees – if desired, directly within your own project.

  • Provide tools to quantify and articulate the benefits of wood reuse to key stakeholders.

  • Wood Reintegration

  • Devise recommendations and a phased pathway for program build-out.

  • Activate partners and build private-sector offtake channels for reclaimed wood.

The Carbon-Smart Corporate Solution

How It Works

1. Schedule a Call

Discuss your corporate goals and how we can reuse trees planned for removal.

2. Align on Scope

Outline scope of our consulting engagement and finalize a contract.

3. Deliver the Project

Deliver a data driven analysis and/or services to manage wood reuse.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Carbon Smart Wood™ is locally salvaged wood that would have otherwise been chipped or thrown in a landfill. It’s locally salvaged, responsibly harvested, and expertly crafted to your needs. 

The only thing limiting Carbon Smart Wood™ use is your imagination. We’ve worked with partners on everything from one-of-a-kind furnishings and statement pieces to flooring, coffee tables, accent walls, and architectural elements. One-off orders, large product lines, and everything in between have all been made from Carbon Smart Wood™. 

Carbon Smart Wood™ is made from locally salvaged wood, processed by local millers and turned into beautiful products that last for generations. Clients who buy Carbon Smart Wood™ are directly benefiting the environment by preventing trees from ending up in landfill and reducing carbon emissions through local processing. Carbon Smart Wood™ is a reliable, sustainable, unique material that has an incredibly story to tell.

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