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Traece™ partners benefit from the full-time sales team that works with manufacturers, specifiers, and furniture companies to sell more of your wood.

Traece™ helps our customers

  • Sell more wood
  • Focus on the work you love
  • Build new partnerships
  • Make more sawdust

Traece™ partner case study

OE Custom & Traece™

In close partnership with Towson University and Baltimore-based O&E Custom, Traece™ sourced Carbon Smart Wood™ for the design and creation of 13 tables for Towson’s newly remodeled Armory Building.

We worked with the design and facilities teams to meet budget and timeline requirements while telling the rich story and revealing the vibrant character of the fallen Baltimore maple trees. Proceeds from the tables funded a local planting project in the Pigtown neighborhood with the Baltimore Tree Trust in May 2021.

From Towson University: “The former Maryland National Guard Armory building will serve as the home for a number of programs and offices focused on community engagement and outreach, entrepreneurship, continuing education and workforce development.”

Traece™ is much more than an inventory management system: Traece™ allows you to focus on the work you love while we help you find new avenues for growth.

Traece™ and our partners are:

  • Demonstrating the carbon impact of each project
  • Creating inspiring storytelling
  • Moving our communities to action by purchasing more of your wood

Frequently Asked Questions

Carbon Smart Wood™ is locally salvaged, locally processed wood that reforests our communities by reinvesting in local tree planting.

Directly by Cambium Carbon, the team behind Traece™. Cambium Carbon works to develop Carbon Smart Wood™ projects, and contracts out fulfillment from its supplier network. We commission lumber and wood products from suppliers that fit our Carbon Smart Wood™ brand.

Urban wood reuse plays a critical role in creating a circular economy that reduces emissions, creates local jobs, and fights climate change. We are committed to helping to grow the urban wood movement by helping millers access more, high-quality, large-scale orders, and helping buyers understand and access urban wood at scale. We love our miller and supply partners; their mission is our mission.

In order to bring urban wood to scale, we need customers to understand and appreciate the character of urban wood. Instead of being inconsistent, it can be viewed as unique or one-of-a-kind. We also need to continue to improve consistency and communication on the supply side of the movement and are working with other stakeholders to develop these processes. We work with clients to establish expectations and manage quality standards, ensuring that Carbon-Smart Wood™ is a reliable, sustainable material that tells a story.

If you are a miller, please answer these 6 simple questions and a member of the Cambium team will be in touch! If you are an arborist, woodworker, or manufacturer then please reach out using this form.

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