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Delight your clients with heirloom quality, Carbon Smart Wood™

Never compromise high end design for sustainability.

  • 1 Cookie cutter products don’t inspire.
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Heirloom quality and sustainability can go hand in hand.

Save Time

Don’t spend hours searching for unique products for your clients. We can custom create to your needs.

Reduce Risk

Our vetted supplier network can deliver exceptional quality products, on time, every time.

Carve a Niche

Our Carbon Smart Wood™ is better than sustainable and can build your credibility as a sustainability champion.

The Carbon Smart Wood™ Solution

How It Works

1. Discuss Your Project

Understand your needs
and timeline

2. Partner to Execute

Source from a Carbon Smart Wood™ supplier

3. Client is Overjoyed

Your clients can’t stop
talking about you

Frequently Asked Questions

Carbon Smart Wood™ is locally salvaged wood that would have otherwise been chipped or thrown in a landfill. It’s locally salvaged, responsibly harvested, and expertly crafted to your needs. 

The only thing limiting Carbon Smart Wood™ use is your imagination. We’ve worked with partners on everything from one-of-a-kind furnishings and statement pieces to flooring, coffee tables, accent walls, and architectural elements. One-off orders, large product lines, and everything in between have all been made from Carbon Smart Wood™. 

Carbon Smart Wood™ is made from locally salvaged wood, processed by local millers and turned into beautiful products that last for generations. Clients who buy Carbon Smart Wood™ are directly benefiting the environment by preventing trees from ending up in landfill and reducing carbon emissions through local processing. Carbon Smart Wood™ is a reliable, sustainable, unique material that has an incredibly story to tell.

Download the Towson University Case Study

Learn how we created Carbon Smart Wood™ communal tables.