We Put People & Planet First

Working together to build equitable and resilient solutions to the climate crisis.

About Cambium Carbon

Cambium Carbon is a people-centric, forward-focused company transforming the way communities and organizations approach the climate crisis. We believe in actions that drive results, and we are unapologetically committed to sharing the stories of our results with the world. Our stories are about impact and we believe impact inspires others to action.

We are a platform that enables circular economies through Carbon-Smart material reuse, by unlocking the power of local suppliers. We save fallen trees from landfill and decomposition, transforming them into valuable products with place-based impact. Our Carbon Smart Wood is locally sourced, locally salvaged, and reinvests in local tree planting. This circular economy model creates new green jobs and funding to support urban canopy restoration in the communities that need it most.

Meet the Climate Super Team

Alicia Blake | Senior Environmental Analyst
Alicia joins the Cambium team with almost 10 years of experience in public, private, and non-profit sectors driving operations, IT, and human-centered design-thinking projects to completion. She is a community-centered analyst promoting tree equity through her work on our impact consulting team. Alicia holds a Bachelor’s degree in Economics & Communication from Denison University. After years of volunteer tree-planting in Detroit, she believes the best way to connect with folks is by digging holes together and putting trees in the ground.
Ben is the Co-Founder and CEO of Cambium Carbon. He has spent his career building teams—believing deeply in the power of people, listening, and tactical optimism. He started Cambium Carbon to create a new people-first way to address climate change at scale in the US. Ben earned his Masters of Environmental Management from the Yale School of Forestry and Environmental Studies.

Previously Ben worked on federal policy at the World Resource Institute, led backcountry trips across California, and researched hydrolysis nano-chemistry at Sandia National Lab.
Brian Westpoint | Senior Sales Rep

Brian is a results-driven sales professional with over 10 years of experience in consumer products. He is focused on creating the regenerative, carbon-negative economy of the future that is accessible to all. He applies his business knowledge, in-depth sales strategies and exceptional presentation skills to help his customers choose the best products. Brian’s passion for developing and maintaining strong relationships is centered on trust with the community. Outside of work he enjoys bike touring, yoga and eco traveling.


Jeff leads Cambium Carbon’s mission to make Carbon-Smart™ Wood a household name. His sales acumen, ability to build and foster relationships, and passion for leaving the world a better place for his children make him the perfect person to lead this initiative. Jeff holds an MBA from the Yale School of Management.


Joe joins Cambium Carbon with over a decade of experience working for startup and growth-stage technology companies, as well as a brief stint in academia. Joe believes in using technology to solve complex business problems, to empower people to focus on the things that matter, and to take way too many pictures of his daughter, wife, and dogs. Joe holds a BA from Hobart College and is currently pursuing a Masters degree at Dartmouth College.

Marisa leads Cambium Carbon’s environmental analysis and impact work. Her past experience in the public and private sector have helped her support Cambium Carbon’s network of city, corporate, and NGO partners.

Marisa holds a Master degree in Environmental Management with a specialization in Business from the Yale School of Forestry and Environmental Studies.
NATASHA MAIN | Director of Funding & Partnerships
Natasha has spent her career building partnerships to fuel impact. Previously she lead a startup accelerator and incubator in Colorado supporting the growth of scalable businesses and fostering regional economic development. Natasha believes by leveraging the power of innovation and teamwork we can tackle the world’s biggest challenges–which brought her to Cambium Carbon. Natasha earned her BA in Economics and International Studies from Rhodes College. She lives in Colorado with her husband and two dogs.
Olivia Silver | Sustainable Materials Analyst
Olivia is a recent graduate from American University, with a focus on Environmental Studies and Sustainability. She has previously interned with non-profits concerned with wildlife conservation, sustainability, and environmental education. Olivia is passionate about sustainable business models and the reduction of excess waste, the impactful mission statement at Cambium is one that Olivia very much aligns with and attracted her to work with the company.
Paul Timmins | President of BFL | Director of Wood Products

As Cambium Carbon’s Director of Wood Products and President of Baltimore Fallen Lumber, Paul ensures the quality of every piece of wood that comes in and out of our model sawmill and fabrication shop. Paul has more than 20 years of professional experience in the construction and wood products space, where he fine-tuned his passion for salvaging raw materials and building unique designs. Paul is excited to bring this passion and experience to Cambium Carbon’s mission to build local supply chains across the country, much like he has done with Baltimore Fallen Lumber. Outside of work, Paul enjoys traveling with his family and is on a quest to explore as many national parks as possible.

Sofia’s background is in computational pathology, cultivating a skill set for process improvement through systems-analysis. At Cambium, Sofia works closely with our national supplier network to understand their operations and inform Traece product development. Her passion is to build and iterate scalable technology that empowers local, sustainable supply chains.  Sofia lives in Denver, where she spends most of her free time climbing rocks. She holds a B.S. in Biology.

Theo wears many hats at Cambium-from managing workflows to building lasting relationships with all of our partners. His energy helps make this well-oiled team work as seamlessly as possible.

Theo’s background in mathematical economics allows him to view potential climate change solutions through a market lens. As a 2018 Thomas Watson fellow, he traveled the world exploring sustainable food systems building valuable skills that translate to a start-up environment.

John Ferrara | VP of BFL | Director of Milling
As Director of Milling, John handles everything from log procurement & evaluation to milling each piece of material that passes through the shop. Raw material to usable product, John makes it happen. 

After spending most of his career as a nurse, John wanted a change. He jumped into milling and hasn’t looked back.  When he’s not sawing into locally salvaged material, John enjoys spending time with his wife, flying, and getting lost in gnarly piano solos. 
Oluwatomi (Tomi) Ogundayo | Marketing Manager
Oluwatomi is mission-driven, relationships-focused marketeer and strategist with extensive experience in fast-growing startups and corporate environments. She enjoys using storytelling to convey complex information to a variety of audiences.

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